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Why Legate?

As a law firm in Bratislava, we provide first-class legal services. We pride ourselves on many years of experience and professional specialization, which is confirmed by the international awards we have received. We focus on efficient and transparent solutions and always put our clients’ interests first. With us, you walk through the legal world with the utmost confidence and trust.

Global awards

In over 20 years of existence, we have won several international awards.

Business approach

We understand business, in our law practice we apply an entrepreneurial approach.

Significant clients

We work for 4 of the TOP 20 companies in Slovakia.

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Practise areas

Energy law

Lawsuits and arbitration

Real-estate and construction law

Mergers and acquisitions

Public procurement

Employment law

Restructuring and insolvency

Tax law

Corporate law

Transportation law

Telecommunications and IT law

Environmental law

Awards and memberships

Our expertise in various practice areas is confirmed by multiple global awards and memberships.


Efficiency and expertise

We don't waste your resources. Thanks to our excellent expertise, we provide the most efficient solutions.

Client protection

We protect you from all threats. We stand at the front line of conflict and always represent our client's best interests.

Individual approach

We understand that every client and project has unique needs, that's why we provide solutions tailored to your needs.

Comprehensiveness and cooperation

We cooperate with the client's in-house legal advisors to provide comprehensive legal solutions.

Transparent billing

We offer a wide range of billing models with an emphasis on transparency and possibility of review by the client.

Flexibility and innovation

We embrace a flexible approach. We constantly strive to innovate and improve our services.


Employer's representation in labour relations under §9 of the Labour Code
Pursuant to sec. 9 of the Labour Code, in labour law relations, legal acts are performed on behalf of the employer, which is a legal entity, by a statutory body, a natural person acts personally. Instead of them, legal acts may be performed by authorised...
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Gavel for judge lawyer on EU flag, finance concept
Exemptions from public procurement procedures: IN-HOUSE entities under the new Directive 2014/24/EU on public procurement
Contracting authorities are not obliged to supply or outsource the provision of services that they wish to provide themselves or to organise through non-public contracts[i]. In the light of this principle, underlined in point 5...
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Paying bills online via internet banking
How to ensure the prolongation of a bank guarantee when changing a contract
If your business partner has entered bankruptcy/restructuring, it may not mean a complete write-off of the claim, but on the contrary an opportunity to recover it as efficiently as possible in the bankruptcy proceedings. Only your proactive approach can...
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