Why work with us?

We do our best to keep our clients satisfied when solving any legal issue and would be pleased to work with them continuously with respect to the following company strategy and principles:

Cost effective services

Work experience gained at the U.S. premium law firm in combination with detailed knowledge of the local environment allow us to offer very reasonable terms of remuneration that not only preserve our competitiveness, but also provide our clients with remarkable costs benefits when mandating us.

Tailored made solutions

We consider the particular client’s requirements and projects on very individual basis, first to understand the client’s model of operation (modus operandi) and afterwards to prepare  alternative solutions in close co-operation with client’s representatives. Not a single project is the same, the draft solutions are supervised by the managing partner or created in brainstorming meetings within the team of dedicated lawyers. This individual attitude brought irredeemable experience of attracting clients to form long-term professional relationship.

Tandem work

We have established and developed the close communication channels with the corporate counsels of the client to integrate in-house counsels into legal team when working on project in order to achieve the common goal, which is success. Due to this shoulder-by-shoulder performance we can often provide clients with higher value than they expected. Internal consultations with our tax and accounting partners (even often not charged to the clients) spread and enhance the reliability of the solution we recommend.


All the lawyers working in the law firm Legate (formerly AGS) share work experience within project based teams and are responsible for very specific tasks and therefore all of them are experts in more than four practice areas and each of them is substitutable by another assigned legal counsel of Legate (formerly AGS). Local presence of Legate (formerly AGS) and its ability to recognize and accept the global standards allows the very open approach to any price model of co-operation with clients and swiftness of decision making process that is incomparable with large international law firms.

Forefront position

Our mission is to assist our clients and mitigate any potential hinder or risk they might be facing; therefore we take the responsibility instead of the client and take the forefront position in a case/conflict, when required by the client. We accept the responsibility given by the mandate and protect our client in all circumstances, never settling the case without prior explicit client’s approval.

Sustainable development

All Legate (formerly AGS) lawyers actively participate at the learning programme organized by the external learning centres to improve their capabilities and deepen their specific knowledge on a year-to-year basis. Our legal counsels obtained special licenses and certificates in other affairs related to provision of the legal services such as: brokerage license, public procurement expert certificate and mediation license.

Invoicing policy

Client determines the number of lawyers to be involved in the project, negotiation and other acts of the legal services and we guarantee the appropriate seniority and expertise of the dedicated lawyers. The wide range of pricing models should bring eligible solution for each client and every project. Client maintains control over the billing and we are responsible for satisfaction of the client in this often very sensitive situations.

Portfolio of the clients

The vast majority of clients are transnational corporations and four of them belong to TOP 20 non-financial enterprises in Slovakia. Therefore we look forward to be engaged in new complex and sophisticated transactions.

Technology support

The i-Phone application lets the client be always up-to-date with all litigation cases granted to Legate (formerly AGS). The application is currently under development and will be introduced soon.