Public procurement

Legate lawyers have several years of experience in the field of public procurement, privatization, monopolies and public sector. We provide our legal services in the field of public procurement for candidates and contracting authorities as well.
In the field of procurement we provide the following legal service:


  • Bratislava Airport
  • Ministry of Transport

Directive on natural monpolies

  • Slovak Gas Industry
  • National Highway Company
  • Air Traffic Services
  • Railway operator CARGO

Public sector directive

  • City of Levice
  • City of Senica

Contact persons for Public Procurement

JUDr. Peter Vrábel
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+ 421 905 648 613

JUDr. Viktória Draškaba
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+421 2 62527317

Mgr. Michaela Bašistová
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+421 59307066